As you like it
May 2015

After being dispossessed of her lands and station, the princess Rosalind dresses as a boy and flees into the forest of Arden to search for a better kind of love. The play interrogates the very idea of what love is, and in the end leaves us with a shimmering vision of four kinds of relationships.


Photos by Jack Schow


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New York Times Shoutout

Time Out New York

Hi Stairwell Theater, It's been ages, but I've been meaning to write and say how much I enjoyed As You Like It in Prospect Park. It was so charming and funny––you used the space so wonderfully, and your limited props and costuming were perfect for the show. I saw The Tempest (Shakespeare in the Park) a short while after, and frankly, if I could pick a play to see again, it would be yours. Obviously the production quality of The Tempest was fabulous, and it was a spectacular show, but your production of As You Like It reminded me why theater is an important medium: theater asks the audience to use their imaginations in ways that don't happen in most other performance types nowadays. Where some might have seen the low budget as a limitation, the spareness of your production really brought attention to the quality of the text and of your acting. I was so impressed with the show, and am delighted to have been able to attend. Thank you for a beautiful afternoon!


You can now buy the original soundtrack by our As You Like It band, The Pages. Musical director Matthew Gibbs set shakespeare's songs to new arrangements, and produced them with founding company member Ellyn Heald. Check out their bandcamp page!